Mixed Ice Creams Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake
Peach Melba      Hot Apple Pie
Banana Split  
Lemon or Orange Sorbet … Light, Fruity and refreshing sorbets contained in their own fruit skin.  
Coconut Ice … Dairy coconut Ice Cream in a real half Coconut Shell – a taste of the Caribbean.  
Fantastica … Layered Vanilla and Toffee Ice Cream on a Chocolate coated base decorated with Toffee coated balls.  
Kulfi … Authentic Indian Ice Cream in Pistachio and Mango flavours.  
Luxury Sundaes … Dairy Ice Cream with a choice of Strawberry or Chocolate.  
Vacherin … Dairy Vanilla and Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream in a Meringue Centre covered in hazelnut pieces.  
Bombe Bianco … Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream rippled with Chocolate Sauce in a White Chocolate flavoured coating and topped with a Chocolate Flake.  
Orange Bombe … Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream containing a natural Orange Sauce surrounded in real Chocolate  
Punky … Smooth Vanilla Ice Cream contained in a Novelty Souvenir Toy.  
Vanilla Fudge Truffle … Vanilla Ice Cream rolled in strips of Fudge.  
Mint Tartufo ... Mint Ice Cream with a Vanilla Ice Cream centre, covered in Belgian Chocolate shavings.