A medley of Chicken, Vegetable and Mushroom Pakora, Onion Rings, Samosa, Chicken Chaat & Pork Ribs served with Garlic Mushrooms and Chick Peas. Serves two persons.
PAKORAS . . . . Light, soft, dumplings best eaten when smothered in the accompanying side sauces.
Vegetable  Mushroom  
Cauliflower  Chicken 
Fish   Pacific King Prawns 
Mixed Pakora Onion Bhaji 
Onion Rings
SAMOSAS . . . . Deep-fried savoury pastries. Generally eaten as a snack in India, served with chick peas.
Vegetable  Mince  
BOMBAY TIFFIN . . . . Selection of excellent appetisers all made with different spicy sauces.
Prawn Puri (Prawns coated with a delicate sauce, served on fluffy bread)
Channa Puri  Mushroom Puri  
Spicy Potato & Garlic Mushrooms 
TANDOORI DELICACIES . . . . Marinated with yoghurt and spices and barbequed in the Tandoor.
Tikka Shashlik (Pieces of Chicken or Lamb Tikka fried with capsicums, onions & mushrooms) 
Chicken Tikka Lamb Tikka 
Chicken Tandoori King Prawn Tikka 
Chicken Chaat (Spicy Drumsticks) Seekh Kebab (Minced Lamb)
Chicken Chat-Patey Wings (Sweet, Sour)    Pork Ribs 
DOSA . . . . Pancake wrap made with ground rice and daal served with coconut chutney and lentil curry sauce.
Vegetable  Chicken Chasni (Sweet & Sour)
Garlic Mushroom  Prawn Chasni (Sweet & Sour)
Garlic & Chilli Chicken Spicy Mince 
Special Ralwa (Chicken, Lamb, Prawns and Mince)
Prawn Cocktail  Daal Soup (lentil)  
Chicken Soup Potato Wedges & Garlic Dip 
King Prawn in Garlic Butter